Q: I am a foreign national, am I eligible?

Yes, you are eligible.

Q: Is it possible to have two host faculty members in two different departments?


Q: I do not have any publications. Am I eligible to apply?

Yes, you can still apply.

Q: Can I submit my application while still finishing my Ph.D. thesis?

Yes, but you must have obtained your Ph.D. by the time the Fellowship begins.

Q: What are my chances of success?

The Fellowship is very competitive. Only applications that clearly reflect the overall objectives of the Program and that receive outstanding marks by the reviewers will be funded.

Q: I'm interested in the Program, but I have no potential and expected host faculty members. Am I eligible to apply?

Please feel free to contact us at WestlakeFellows@westlake.edu.cn for more information..

Q: I'm a PhD student in my final year considering application for the Program. I see for the application that I must be sponsored by and have a reference letter from a faculty member at Westlake. Does an emeritus or adjunct professor qualify for this requirement?

No. You should seek the support of an active Westlake faculty member.

Q: I've joined Westlake Unversity as a postdoctoral researcher, am I still eligible?

Employees who have already joined Westlake University are not eligible for the Program, including faculty members, research staff, postdoctoral researchers, etc.