About Westlake Fellows Program

Westlake Fellows Program

Westlake University initiates the Westlake Fellows Program to recognize the contributions of emerging and outstanding scholars worldwide, to foster innovative and collaborative research in science and technology, and to create a vibrant eco-system for international collaborations that lead to free exchange of ideas and enduring bonds between institutions.

The Program offers two types of fellows for scholars at different career stages including Westlake Fellows and Westlake Visiting Professors:

Westlake Fellowships seek exceptional young scientists of great promise in their early careers whom we wish to attract to Westlake, on occasion leading to subsequent faculty appointments. We will provide them the opportunity to start their own research with independence or semi-independence, pursue cutting-edge research, and with access to the outstanding technical and scientific resources at Westlake for three years. The appointment can be extended for up to three additional years with approval, for a total of six years. Meanwhile, they can benefit from the mentorship of Westlake faculty members with tremendous flexibility and the full support from the host School and the University. 

Westlake Visiting Professorships, including Westlake Senior Fellows and Westlake Distinguished Fellows, aim to bring outstanding assistant/associate professors or brilliant full professors (or equivalent) to Westlake campus on a short-term basis for collaborative research interactions within Westlake's interdisciplinary community.